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Interactive: Most popular origin and destination countries for students

A country-based interactive. : James Goldie, 360info A country-based interactive. : James Goldie, 360info

With this interactive tool, we uncover the complex flow of students in and out of countries across the globe.

On any given year, countries play host to foreign students from around the world, while their own students head abroad to study. But this is rarely an even trade, and the line of students often flows toward countries with more resources.

This interactive tool allows you to select a country and see the most common inbound origins and outbound destinations for students, according to UN Institute of Statistics data.

Interactive charts showing the two-way flow of international students through a selected country for a selected year.


Originally published under Creative Commons by 360info™.

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James Goldie
James, Data and Digital Storytelling Lead, 360info

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