360info is a non-profit and nonpartisan organisation with a public-good remit to commission high quality, verified information and distribute it as widely as possible to publishers everywhere, informing citizens worldwide.

Our launch in 2021 was enabled by Monash University, which has generously provided seed funding to enable the launch. Prior to Monash, development funding was provided by the universities of Deakin, Melbourne, RMIT and Western Sydney and a grant from the Victorian State Government of Victoria, Australia.

To build capacity and develop our service worldwide, 360info seeks further funding support from universities, charitable foundations, governments, multilateral organisations, corporations and individuals.

360info will only accept funding in accordance with our Charter and its commitment to intellectual freedom, including full authority over its editorial and other organisational decisions.

Therefore 360info will not accept offers of financial support that would cause a perceived, potential or actual conflict of interest in regards to editorial decisions, or that would restrict authors from promoting their research findings and recommendations. To further ensure intellectual freedom and avoid any editorial interference, 360info will not accept gifts from donors who seek to undermine the independence of its authors’ research contribution or otherwise to predetermine or influence what we publish.

Those guiding principles apply equally to 360info staff who must also not use their position for financial gain or other personal benefit.

If you support the aims, values and objectives of 360info and wish to discuss financial support, please contact Eve Anderson.