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At 360info, we believe that accurate, evidence-based information should be the foundation for informed discussions, policy making, and positive societal change around the world.

That’s why we’re bridging the gap between the world’s brightest minds and the global public.




Think 'Research Reuters'

Our team of professional journalists and editors commission academics around the world to write about research-led solutions to the world’s great problems, as defined by the United Nations SDGs. 

We then translate their work into plain, understandable language, and distribute that content for free, and as widely as possible via our global network of publishers, educational institutions and civil society organisations.

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Demonstrating Trust

We have set and comply with the highest standards of journalism production and content creation.

See our Charter, Editorial Policies and commitment to Editorial independence

Our content is Open Access

All 360info content is licensed under Creative Commons 4.0 – meaning you can:


Journalists and publishers

Hello, friends. We see how hard you’re working, and we’d like to help. You can use our content – without charge – to suit your purposes. We’ve also designed a wire service just for you. Use us to find new academic sources or story ideas, access timely quotes, or fill pages with factual content.


Think of us as your global megaphone. Working with 360info is an opportunity to extend the reach of your research, collaborate on a global scale and demonstrate real impact to funders and society.

Non media organisations

360info is a ready-made resource for other non-media organisations (including schools) looking to enrich their websites with credible, verified content linked to quality research.


360info is run by a team of highly experienced professional journalists and editors based at editorial hubs around the Asia Pacific.


Andrew Jaspan
Editor-in-Chief and Director

Ilaria Walker
Asia Pacific Editor

Eve Anderson
General Manager

Bharat Bhushan
Associate Editor, 360info, and South Asia Editor




We’re committed to combatting misinformation and operating at the highest standards as a supplier of trusted information.

That’s why we’ve been audited across nine criteria and awarded a perfect 100/100 trust rating by NewsGuard. NewsGuard employs trained journalists to rate and review thousands of news websites for credibility and transparency.

Learn more about NewsGuard’s rating of 360info.



360info’s headquarters and Asia Pacific hub receive core funding from Monash University. As a public good service, we’ve also received funding from the Victorian Government. Our in-kind supporters include universities both in Australia and internationally.

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