Working with 360info is an opportunity to extend the reach of your research, collaborate on a global scale and demonstrate real impact to funders and society. We see this is akin to offering a “Research Reuters” service, but in our case, free to the world. We believe in equity of access to good information, not just for those who can afford it.

Beyond the ‘soundbite’

University research can make a transformative contribution to addressing the proliferating challenges facing society, as well as offer research-driven practical solutions. Too much university research is unread (or sits behind academic journal paywalls) and unrecognised by the public and decision makers, meaning its potential impact remains unrealised. 

The voice of academic research within public debate needs to be readily accessible but also distinctively rigorous and authoritative. It needs to be able to define the terms and tone of debate rather than reduced to news grabs or snippets of interest. And in turn, inform better policy and decision-making.

At the heart of our commissioning process is engagement with researchers and academic literature prior to deciding the specific angles we will cover. We look deeper, we don’t just try to confirm what we think we know.

We also balance contributions from researchers in developed and developing economies, showcasing research that is sometimes neglected or marginalised. This approach, along with planning our coverage in advance, allows us to bring diverse voices to the fore and deliver in-depth, considered content.

Reach global audiences

Rather than deliver content via a single website, 360info partners with hundreds of publishers looking to add in-depth context to their news journalism, and add more diverse voices to their platforms. And in that way, create real impact through better informing readers worldwide.

This means what you contribute can be syndicated on multiple websites around the world, and in multiple languages.

Share your research in multiple formats

360info delivers content in multiple formats, with our journalist producers working closely with researchers to tell stories in engaging ways.

Express your knowledge via a rich output of media formats – work with our data and multimedia journalists to visualise your data or produce stories for broadcast media.

Improve your writing skills for general audiences

We will work with you to make your text appropriate for the global media, translating your research into plain language for a general audience. This may involve considerable editing on our side and we view this as a collaborative process: we bring knowledge of general public readers, you bring subject matter expertise. We pride ourselves on consistency of style, which is what is expected of a wire service. And every author has the final sign-off to approve the edit.