Independently verified by Newsguard

360info’s charter, policies and working practices were carefully devised to ensure we deliver unbiased, explanatory and contextual information. We work closely with our researcher-authors to adhere to the highest editorial standards; removing opinion and advocacy and letting the facts speak for themselves.

In recognition of our fastidious work in this regard, US ratings agency NewsGuard has awarded 360info its highest possible trust rating – 100/100 – one of very few Australian outlets to receive a perfect score. Other prominent organisations rated 100/100 by NewsGuard include The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Guardian.

See the nine journalistic criteria used to assess our credibility and transparency in the following image.

About Newsguard

NewsGuard is an independent journalism and technology ratings agency based out of the United States. It employs trained journalists to rate and review the credibility of news and information websites based on a set of journalistic criteria. By providing information to help people distinguish between reliable and unreliable sources of news and information, the tool aims to promote media literacy and combat the spread of false information online

Each site is rated using nine basic, apolitical criteria of journalistic practice. Based on the nine criteria, each site gets a trust score of 0-100 points and a detailed “Nutrition Label” review explaining who is behind the site, what kind of content it publishes, and why it received its rating — with specific examples of any trust issues our team found.

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