360info is a ready-made resource for other non-media organisations (including schools) looking to enrich their websites with credible, verified content linked to quality research. 

Use the ‘Use + Remix’ button on articles on this website and then download multiple text files in one go.

Aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals

360info seeks to showcase research aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We then make this accessible (able to be understood by the general public) and tailor it to the needs of publishing outlets.

360info’s editorial calendar encompasses the major SDG milestones, for example the climate summit in November each year. This allows us to flag in advance special reports that will bring new and interesting information to events already being covered by the world’s media and NGOs.

Use part or all of our content

Publishing via Creative Commons 4.0 International means you can use all or part of an article.

Educational in nature

360info’s special reports look at one issue from multiple country perspectives. We seek research evidence on solutions to challenges that impact the world, making our content useful in educational settings.  We hope it will be a valuable additional classroom/teaching resource.